Cancer Care - Recovery

Occupational therapy and physical therapy at Beloit Health System help cancer patients work toward maximum function and routine living. Occupational therapy aids cancer patients as they seek to manage everyday activities, fitness, fatigue and energy levels, as well as cognitive function, such as memory. Physical therapy provides patients who are undergoing cancer treatment with reduced pain and fatigue, and helps increase strength, sleep quality, and balance.

Palliative care also helps improve the lives of cancer patients at Beloit Cancer Center. With palliative care the symptoms and side effects of cancer and its treatment are prevented and treated with a focus on support and symptom management. Trisha Field, Nurse Pracitioner, is available at the Beloit Cancer Center to assist patients in the area of palliative care.

Ostomy and Prosthetics

Ostomy is a surgical procedure sometimes used for bladder and colon cancer patients, in which an opening is made in the skin to allow waste to leave the intestines or bladder. Beloit Health System offers an ostomy support group. Prosthetics, or artificial body parts are used when cancer treatment requires the removal of a particular body part in order to stop the spread of the disease.

Integrative Therapies

"Integrative therapies" is a term used to describe the use of complementary therapies with traditional medicine. Complementary therapies include alternative diets, acupuncture, massage, yoga and meditation, among other things. Complimentary massage is offered at the Cancer Center several days a week for both patients and caregivers.  At Beloit Health System, we support the use of integrative therapies, in which alternative therapies and standard medical procedures are used in concert for best possible outcomes. We offer integrative therapies as part of cancer treatment.

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