Cancer Care - Treatment Options

Chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and hematology and oncology are words that sometimes strike fear in cancer patients and their families. At Beloit Health System's Cancer Center, we understand how frightening a cancer diagnosis can be. That's why we approach cancer with modern and effective treatment methods. We also believe in educating patients about their choices. Below we'll take a look at various cancer treatment options available at Beloit, in order to begin the journey to health and well-being.


Chemotherapy is a common and quite effective way to treat cancer, and modern chemotherapy is more powerful than in any time in medical history. At the same time, medicines are available to help patients deal with potential side effects of chemotherapy. Chemotherapy eradicates cancer cells and keeps cancer from spreading to other locations within the body. Chemotherapy can be delivered through multiple methods, including orally, in shot form, or through an IV. As the drugs enter your bloodstream, they travel to the location of the tumor and target cancer cells. Often, breaks are taken during treatment so that the patient's body can rebuild new cells and regain strength.

Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy targets and kills cancer cells and can shrink tumors. Radiation therapy, in which high doses of radiation are sent to the cancer cells is delivered externally via a machine called a Linear Accelerator. Radiation therapy, which is a highly effective method of cancer treatment, prevents cells from reproducing. Radiation therapy uses carefully targeted and regulated doses of high-energy radiation to kill cancer cells. Radiation causes some cancer cells to die immediately after treatment, but most die because the radiation damages the chromosomes and DNA so that the cells can no longer divide and the tumor can't grow.

State-of-the-art Elekta Infinity Linear Accelerator Delivery System with Image Guided Radiation. There will be technology in patient comfort, also. Patients receiving radiation will have a Patient Centricity Suite to enhance the patient experience. They will be able to select the images in the ceiling display, type of music playing from the Bose sound system and/or change the lighting scheme in the room. Patients also have the option of bringing in a tablet or phone with their personal images and music.

Hematology and Oncology

Hematology and oncology are branches of medicine in which doctors specialize in the understanding and treatment of blood disorders and cancers. These diseases include leukemia, multiple myeloma, lymphomas, and cancers affecting any part of the body. Hematology and oncology physicians and researchers study the newest treatments to determine how best to deal with particular cancers, as well as other diseases. Hematology and oncology specialists work with physicians from numerous other specialties at Beloit to offer effective treatment. The collaborative atmosphere available at the Beloit Health System UW Cancer Center provides patients with effective individualized care so that the best possible outcomes in hematology and oncology may be obtained.

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