COVID-19 Vaccine FAQs

Am I eligible for the COVID Vaccine?

Rock County is currently in phase 1A with some 1B groups being approved. At BHS we are currently welcoming individuals age 65+ to request an appointment.

How do I request an appointment?

If you are age 65+ and interested in receiving the vaccine you can use the MyHealth Portal or call 608-364-5663.

What vaccine do you have?

Currently, we have received Moderna.

I am not 65+ but have other risk factors. When will I be eligible?

We are following guidelines established by the Rock County Health Department. You can view additional information from them HERE>>. We all appreciate your patience as we wait for the vaccine to be more widely available.

Is there a waitlist?

We do currently offer a waitlist, use the MyHealth Portal or please call 608-364-5663.

I have an appointment; how early should I arrive?

5 minutes prior is early enough.

Where will I receive it?

The Hospital Auditorium.

Where should I park?

The parking lot off Huebbe Parkway. There are directional signs that will help you get to the correct entrance. If you do choose to come through the main lobby, our team is happy to help you in the right direction.


View More Info From CDC Here>>

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