Neurology Services

Beloit Health System has several physicians specializing in neurology and neurosurgery.  Neurologists treat disorders of the central nervous system. This team of physicians have their practice at Beloit Clinic. They offer office consultations and EMG testing.

Some of the commonly encountered conditions treated by neurologists include headaches, radiculopathy, neuropathy, stroke, dementia, seizures and epilepsy, Alzheimer's Disease, Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, Parkinson's Disease, Tourette's syndrome, multiple sclerosis, head trauma, sleep disorders, restless leg syndrome, neuromuscular diseases, myasthenia, migraine headaches, neuropathy and various infections and tumors of the nervous system.

Neurologists also assist patients in the areas of pain disorders, demyelinating disease, neuro-ophthalmology, and neuroinfectious diseases.

Some of the tests that may be ordered include MRI’s, EEG’s, CT scans and Lumbar Puncture.

Beloit Health System earned their Stroke Center Certification from the Joint Commission on Healthcare with high reviews for their service and operation.

MetaStar, a state quality improvement organization, also featured Beloit Health System as a success story and an example for other healthcare operations. Metastar services addresses the need for innovation and partnerships to provide excellent healthcare. 

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