Beloit Health System not a user of recalled steroid products

Monday, October 15, 2012



October 15, 2012… Beloit Health System would like to offer a local perspective and reassurance on the national concern of a multistate meningitis outbreak. This outbreak is caused from fungal infections among patients who have received a steroid injection of a potentially contaminated product into the spinal or joint area.

"Beloit Health System, NorthPointe Clinic, or its outreach clinics have not used any of the recent products associated with fungal meningitis," states Dr. Leland From, Internist and Vice President of Beloit Health System. "We have notified all of our physician and providers with this information, so that their patients can rest assured. No cases have been reported in Wisconsin to date."

Over 200 fungal meningitis cases have now been reported, with the bulk of them in Tennessee, Michigan, Virginia and Indiana. One "probable" case has been reported in Illinois. The affected patients have exhibited fungal meningitis symptoms including headache, fever, stiff neck and sensitivity to light, and a few have suffered strokes. This type of meningitis is not contagious.

If you have received a joint or spine injection from a provider outside of Beloit Health System since May 21, 2012, you should consult your provider for further recommendations.





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