Celebrating Beloit Health System's Outstanding Volunteers

Tuesday, May 03, 2016


Beloit Health System’s Volunteers in Partnership (VIP’s) were happy to celebrate a multitude of accomplishments this past year. The annual Appreciation Luncheon is a tradition and thank you to the volunteer organization from everyone at Beloit Health System. This year, with the new partnership of Beloit Health System and Beloit Regional Hospice in January, both teams of volunteers were celebrated.

The event celebrated a combination of Beloit Health System’s over 400 volunteers and the many services they provide. Flowers, laughter, and a champagne glass garnished with a fresh strawberry, are always integral to the celebration, in addition to the accolades and delicious luncheon faire. The annual event attracted 175 volunteers for the luncheon at the Beloit Club in Beloit.  Thirty-three volunteers reaching five-year increments of service (and a total of 415 years of dedication) received service pins.

“Our volunteers are vitally important to Beloit Health System and truly make our team better together,” stated Tim McKevett, Beloit Health System President and CEO.  “They not only make a big difference in the lives of our patients, they also host events and donate the proceeds to our annual pledge. This year, we are especially proud to add the volunteers who come to us from Hospice.”

Seventy volunteers who have given a total of 805 hours of service were named for reaching increments of5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 40 years of consecutive service. The VIP organization honored long-time volunteer Betty Bussie, who also serves on the VIP Board and reached 40 years of service to the organization.

In addition to valuable services, the volunteer organization provides important financial support through the gift shop, VIP Grille, book fairs and more.  The Volunteers in Partnership made a three-year pledge (2016 through 2018) of $225,000 to the new Hendricks Family Heart Center.  This year, at the 2016 Annual Meeting in February, they presented Tim McKevett with a check for $50,000 to begin their three-year pledge.

If you are interested in volunteering, Beloit Health System invites you to find out more by calling Roberta Henning, Volunteer Coordinator at 608-364-5162 or Sherrie Swanson, Beloit Regional Hospice Volunteer Coordinator at 608-363-7421. The health system continues to offer flexible volunteer opportunities for people who would like to offer their time to patients.

Those who received pins at the Luncheon included:

5 Year Awards

Barbara Cady

Charles Cady

Denny Elmer

Randy Fiore

Geri Giangrosso

Jenna Golden

Gale Hemmerling

Marilyn Henthorn

Sue Hess

Joan Johnson

Doris Kent

Betty Laage

Shirley Lewandowski

Diane Mark

Peggy McLaughlin

Lois Mikleton

Linda Prebonich

Joyce Ronan

Mary Schewe

Debbie Schoene

Loui Sherwood

Marty Siegworth

Walter Ward

Linda Wason

Ilene Williams

Dorreen Winch


10 Year Awards

Mary Buchanan

Nancy Burgess

Pat Carnes

Jo Daugherty

Janet Deeds

Dorothy Dowling (Both)

Shirley Hanna

Barbara Jenson

Dee Johnson

Douglas Johnson

Ken Logan

Janet Nodland

Marilyn Plude

Nancy Risseeuw

Sandra Saunders

Janet Schilke

Kathleen Schulze

Mary Seger

Mary Shepherd

Pamela West


15 Year Awards

Birdia Barker

Kenneth Byerley

Ivan Eckholm

Emmett Gowman

Sally Gowman

Geri Heldt

Melissa McCabe

Opal Vance

Barbara Varner

Kaye Wessar

Jeanne Wieland

Jossie Williams



20 Year Awards

Stuart Austin

Arlene Clegg

Leon Hahn

Avis Masterson

Peg Sagaitis


25 Year Awards

Betty Ainger

Annie Collins

Sandy Johnson

Dorothy Warriner

Beanie Wise


30 Year Award

In memory of Mary Jane Buss


40 Year Award

Betty Bussie
















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