Change to E-Prescribing Coming Soon

Monday, March 01, 2010

The way Beloit Health System hospital and clinic patients call in prescription refills will be changing as of April 1st. Please read the following and watch for more information about E-Prescribing coming soon.

Does this sound familiar? A patient needs a prescription refilled and leaves a message for their doctor; doctor calls the prescription into the pharmacy; pharmacist has a question and calls or faxes the doctor back; doctor answers questions and calls or faxes the pharmacist backā€¦ and on and on. Beloit Health System would is taking steps to improve this system.

As providers of healthcare, the management of prescriptions has become a very complicated web of communication between patient, doctor, pharmacy, and health plan. However, now with the implementation of E-prescribing, that web of confusion is a streamlined process. E-prescribing is the transmission of data using electronic media, between a prescriber, dispenser, pharmacy benefit manager or health plan. Basically, it is a two-way transmission between the point of care and the dispenser.

With Beloit Health System's Clinic electronic health record system, E-prescribing has improved the accuracy and timeliness of prescription orders. Dr. Robert Lisek, Internal Medicine physician at NorthPointe Clinic, has been using E-prescribing for several months and comments, "It is great and allows me to access a patient's prescriptions when I am in the room with them. I can review the medication list, make changes if needed, and send the prescription on its way. The information reduces errors and minimizes the need for me to make call-backs to the pharmacies."

Additional benefits of E-prescribing include: easy tracking of medications and refills, ability to check drug eligibility and interactions; provide information on alternatives or generics; and pharmacies can send E-refill requests directly to the physicians inbox. All of these improve turnaround time, decrease the number of calls and faxes to the providers, and result in overall better patient care.

Related to the E-prescribing initiative is a change in the way patients will request refills. Beginning April 1, patients will now call their pharmacy, and not the clinic, anytime a prescription is needed. This will allow for more efficient communication from pharmacy to doctor, and will reduce the number of incoming calls to the clinic reception staff. This should help decrease hold times and make the receptionists more readily available to assist patients with making appointments and leaving messages.

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