February Employee Spotlight

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

When it comes to delivering expert medical care and a memorable patient experience, these two members of the Intermediate Care team are top of the class! Please congratulate April and Jeremiah for their extraordinary dedication to excellence and for showing our patients how much we care about them.

April , RN Intermediate Care

April was caring for a young patient with a new diagnosis of myocardial infarction and she knew the patient had limited financial resources. The patient was in distress at discharge because the medications ordered would leave her financially strapped and would create a high probability of her being noncompliant with her medications. April took the extra time to learn why her patient was in distress and then called Wall-Mart to work with pharmacist to create a list of medication equivalents that would be cheaper for her. April then called the cardiologist for approval of the new cheaper medication list. This process all took hours. When the patient was followed up with later, she was regularly taking all her medications and is back to work. She is doing much better now thanks to April having empathy for her situation and then being moved to go above and beyond to help her.

Congratulations April for the memorable experience you gave to this valued patient!

Jeremiah, RN – Intermediate Care

Jeremiah took care of a patient who was admitted with hypertensive crisis. The patient upon admission was experiencing uncontrollable headache and dangerously high blood pressure. Jeremiah continuously worked with the physician throughout the night trying different medications for blood pressure and pain relief. The patient was so impressed with his care during the night, that he called two people at our health system to relay his high level of satisfaction. When asked why he was so impressed with his care he stated, "Jeremiah went above and beyond by checking back with me every 10 minutes until my headache went away and even sat down with me to relieve my anxiety.” The patient noted that he is telling everyone in our community about how Jeremiah provided excellent service and showed that he really cared!

Congratulations Jeremiah for the memorable experience you gave to this valued patient!

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