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Monday, August 29, 2011

The recent budget cuts for our Wisconsin state schools, and consequently our local schools, are well known. The Beloit School District will see a drop in funding of $3.8 million in the first year of the biennial budget, and about $3.1 million in the second. How will we overcome these significant reductions? This is of great concern for everyone living in Beloit, working in Beloit, and paying taxes in Beloit. This issue is not restricted to just those residents who have school-age children, it is a sounding alarm to all of us.

Currently, Beloit Health System is proposing a partnership that would save the Beloit School District $3 million over the next three years, which is $1.75 million more than the alternative being considered. This partnership is in response to the district’s request for an on-site wellness clinic and a suggested managed care partnership. As Senior Vice President of Beloit Health System and a Beloit resident for 29 years, my interests in this proposal are as a local taxpayer and parent, as well as in support of our community hospital.

Solutions to these inevitable budget cuts are not plentiful; however Beloit Health System is offering a highly viable local partnership solution that is a "Win-Win" for everyone; the school district, the taxpayers, the health system and the community as a whole. Our emphasis is to inform the community that this solution exists.

Currently, the Beloit School Board members are considering bringing in an outside entity for their wellness needs. This is perplexing to many, who have always trusted and counted on the physicians and services of Beloit Health System to care for their families.

Since 1985, Beloit Health System has offered one of the most recognized Occupational Health and Wellness programs in the country. Beloit Health System is an expert at wellness. Our 1,486 employees are highly skilled and motivated to provide the highest level of care for their neighbors, friends, and loved ones. Our patient satisfaction scores rank in the top 10% in the country.

We are passionate about helping our community stay strong and successful. The current proposal builds on our existing partnership that exists with the School District of Beloit: partnerships such as providing full time athletic training services at no cost, CNA training and clinical space, Health Career education, post graduate employment opportunities and more.

Choosing a local provider who has a track record for Wellness success, who can meet and exceed the needs of our School District, and at the most cost-savings to our taxpayers, makes a great deal of sense to us.






Challenge- Substantial reduction in funding for Beloit schools, thus the school district is seeking ways to reduce costs while continuing to provide quality education.

Solution- Partnering with local providers who have expertise and community interest in finding viable solutions.

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