Health System Implements new Electronic Medical Records on March 18th

Friday, March 15, 2013





  Beloit Health System is going live with a completely digital electronic medical record system starting Monday, March 18. The new system will vastly improve the storage and sharing of medical records as the health system reaches its goal of "One patient. One record. One statement." 

The transition to Electronic Medical Records (EMR) is something hospitals all over the country are planning and implementing. What does it mean for Beloit Health System and NorthPointe patients? The new EMR will provide patients with greater convenience, less duplication of services, and higher patient safety.

"In the past, we have used three clinical information systems depending if you were in the hospital, clinic or ER," explains Bill Groeper, Vice President. "In the past 12 months we have built a new centralized system where all of these records and communication will be shared by all of us. This will make communication, billing, record keeping and sharing information possible and efficient."

For the first weeks, registering for a procedure or medical visit may take a few minutes longer. Health System staff appreciate patients who will be understanding during this transitional process.

Also, patients will be pleased to learn that beginning March 18, the hospital, Clinics, and NorthPointe services will be combined on one account. The appearance of the billing statement will change, so please allow staff to assist you with any questions. Your previous services will continue to be billed separately until the balances have been paid in full.

"This project will transform how we provide care, how we communicate with each other and with our patients," explains Greg Britton, President and CEO of Beloit Health System. "It is a very complex initiative and will replace paper charts with one electronic medical record platform throughout our system."

Later this spring, patients will also have access to an exciting new Patient Portal where patients will be able to access personal records through a private, secured portal from any internet site. The Patient Portal is called "MyHealth". MyHealth will be available 24/7 via a confidential password to access; general messaging to providers, medical refill requests, review of recent clinic visits, lab results, or request an appointment.

This new system architecture will give health administrators the tools needed to keep pace with an ever changing healthcare climate to provide the flexibility to meet the challenges facing all healthcare providers.














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