Making an Impact on Cervical Cancer

Friday, January 23, 2015

Cancer is mysterious. Most of the time, people have no control over who gets cancer. However, cervical cancer can be prevented.  Why wouldn’t you want to know everything you can to stop this deadly cancer?

Beloit Health System is supporting the Beloit Film Festival (BIFF) by sponsoring a documentary movie to educate residents. “Someone You Love: The HPV Epidemic” will be shown five times throughout our stateline community in upcoming BIFF schedules. Along with the movies, there will be panelists who can help answer your questions about the disease and its prevention.

“The CDC estimates that 21,000 cases of cervical cancer could be prevented through vaccinations for the Human Pappilloma Virus (HPV),” states Dr. Russell Albert, OB/GYN for Beloit Health System. “This is an important statistic showing the effectiveness of the vaccine. Also, cervical cancer is not the only cancer caused by HPV, so the vaccine has even a larger impact on reducing cancer.”

The documentary movie follows five women and their journey with HPV and cervical cancer. It is deeply moving and impactful.  HPV may be the most widespread, misunderstood and potentially dangerous epidemic that most people know little about. 80 percent of all people under 50 years of age will have a strain of the virus at some point in their lives.

“Cervical Cancer is almost exclusively caused by the HPV epidemic,” adds Dr. Albert. “Rock County Health Department keeps records indicating that only 28% of the females under the age of 28 have received all three of their HPV vaccinations. This is below average in the state and we need to educate parents and young people about its importance.” The CDC recommends that young people get immunized as early as age 11-12.

“Beloit Health System is pleased to sponsor this impactful movie that will benefit the health of our community,” states Tim McKevett, President and CEO of Beloit Health System. “We support this effort and think the story is very effectively told through the power of film. As we all viewed the movie, we were moved to see what we could do to educate and immunize. We hope to reduce the number of these deadly cancers in our community.” Beloit Health System appreciate the expanded efforts the BIFF committee has dedicated to this film.

What can people do?
1)     Get vaccinated. Check with your doctor about the HPV vaccine. Doctors recommend that a young person (both male and female) get immunized as early as age 11-12. The vaccine is most effective before a person becomes sexually active. The cost of the vaccine is almost always covered by some type of insurance.
2)     Get your Pap test. Pap screen testing should begin at age 21. Routine screening is recommended every three years for women 21-65 years old. Pap tests are covered by most insurances, however financial assistance is available through various programs.
Please view the following website for more information, or The movie is shown one time in Janesville at the end of January and four times in Beloit during BIFF the last week in February. The sites give information on show times, locations, trailers and more. For information on how to find a physician, please call 608-364-2200.


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