Supreme Court Upholds Insurance Tax Credits

Thursday, June 25, 2015

BELOIT, WI (June 25, 2015) ----- Beloit Health System applauds the Supreme Courtís decision to uphold tax credits for Wisconsin residents with health insurance purchased from the federally-run insurance marketplace. The plaintiffs in King v. Burwell had asked the court to end the credits claiming that the Accountable Care Act allowed premium tax credits only for consumers purchasing coverage in a state-run insurance exchange.

ìWe are very pleased with the courtís decision. Many residents in the communities we serve and across the state rely on subsidies to help them defray the cost of their health insurance. For many, the tax credits are the difference between having health insurance and going without - no one should have to make that choice when it comes to their health,î says Timothy McKevett, President, Beloit Health System.

In Wisconsin, residents who were previously uninsured or were ineligible for Medicaid last year are able to purchase low-cost, subsidized health coverage on the federal exchange, also known as the health care marketplace.

Providing access to affordable health insurance is an important first step in getting people the care they need. Despite the progress, many still go without health insurance, delaying care until they are very sick, or using the emergency room as their main access to care. In 2014, Beloit Health System provided more than $483 million in uncompensated care and saw more than 38,000 patients in the emergency room.

ìBeloit Health System remains committed to providing high quality care to our patients and we will continue to work with our legislators to ensure the needs of those in the communities we serve and across the state are met,î says McKevett.

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