Occupational Therapy


Work Conditioning Program 

Injured workers undergo a comprehensive evaluation, allowing our staff to design an individualized and job specific program, utilizing the BTE. This helps injured clients return to productive work faster and reduce the risk of re-injury.

Pre-Employment Screens

Using BTE and Biodex equipment, we are able to conduct pre-employment screens on-site.

Functional Capacity Evaluations 

We are able to assess an employee's safe maximum working conditions using the evidence-based JOULE (FCE) system, recognized as the most accurate and consistent means of doing so.

BTE Primus 

The most versatile and functional computerized rehabilitation system that companies are able to utilize for Post Offer Employment Testing (POET) and managing functional recovery and return to work.

Onsite Therapy 

Beloit Health System is able to provide injured employees with acute therapy services directly at their place of business. Ergonomic consultations/evaluations are completed as the worker performs his/her job duties as well as for specific departments within the company.

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