Patient Rights & Responsibilities

As a patient, you have the right to:

  • Considerate and respectful care.
  • Information necessary for giving informed consent.
  • Consideration of privacy.
  • Reasonable access to care.
  • Refuse participation in research projects without. compromising your access to services.
  • Examine financial charges and receive full explanations.
  • Information on alternatives for care when the hospital cannot provide care a patient requests or needs.
  • Participate in ethical questions that arise in the course of your care.
  • Pastoral counseling.
  • Complete medical information.
  • Refuse treatment.
  • Confidential treatment of personal information and medical reports.
  • Access to protective services.
  • Reasonable continuity of care.
  • Knowledge of applicable institutional regulations.
  • Participate in decisions regarding your care, including such decisions as Advanced Directives and code status.
  • Security.
  • Resolution of complaints.

As a Patient, you have the responsibility for:

  • Providing healthcare practitioners with accurate and complete information related to past illnesses, hospitalizations, medication use, and any other health-related information.
  • Cooperating with all personnel and asking questions if directions and/or procedures are not clearly understood.
  • Following the treatment plan established.
  • Keeping appointments for follow-up care and notifying the hospital when it is impossible to keep Hospital-related appointments.
  • Being considerate of Hospital and Clinic personnel and other patients.
  • Respectful treatment of System property and other patients, and complying with System regulations regarding smoking, noise, and visitors.
  • Assuring that the financial obligations for your healthcare are fulfilled.

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