Sports Medicine

Beloit Health System's premier sports medicine program integrates Beloit physicians, occupational therapists, nurse practitioners, physical therapists, and athletic trainers. Each one of our sports medicine practitioners specializes in an area of osports medicine to assists patients in reaching their goals. We do this through a combination of objective, evidence-based testing and intervention along with skilled treatment, coaching, and support to optimally and efficiently get employees back to work and athletes back to competition.

Sports Medicine Services

  • Isokinetic Strength Testing. We utilize the most valid, reliable, objective and research-based tool available to measure strength, the Biodex, to ensure that our athletes and patients have full strength before they are cleared to return to work or sport.
  • Return to Sport Testing. Sport testing includes a comprehensive, evidence-based, objective series of tests to ensure that athletes and patients are safe to return to sport with minimal re-injury risk.
  • Y Balance/FMS Testing to assess proprioception and movement quality.
  • Hand Held Dynamometry to assess isometric muscle strength across all joints.
  • Biodex Strength Testing to assess quadriceps and hamstrings strength after knee surgery/injury and rotator cuff muscle strength assessment after shoulder surgery/injury.
  • Just Jump and Broad Jump Mat to assess single leg power symmetry.
  • Speed Trap Infrared Laser Timer and 60 square yards of turf to assess sports specific change-of-direction and sprinting ability.
  • Athletic Performance Enhancement Training. For athletes looking to improve their strength, agility and speed, we offer several types of evidence-based performance enhancement training. Using our turf, free weights, and sleds we objectively measure athlete speed, strength, and jumping ability at baseline and at the end of the training block using our Just Jump Vertical Mat and the Speed Trap Laser Timer.

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